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Algebra crossword puzzle

Anthony Maldonado

No description

negative numbers two points that are the same distance from the origin but on the opposite side of the origin
variable a rectangular arrangement of numbers on a horizontal line
velocity the vertical line on a graph
bar graph the property shown when you multiply a number by zero
entry the distace a number is from zero
real numbers another name for a number
origin an equation that is not always true
plotting indicates both speed
element another type of open sentence
intergers collection of all input values
opposites horizontal line on a graph
positive numbers a negative, zero or a positive number
identity numbers below zero
absolute value any number in the math book
y axis numbers above zero
matrix a point labled zero
iniqualities the piont that corresponds to a number
graph each number in the matrix
x axis used to analyze data
domain a letter that represents a number
zero property when you draw a point of the graph

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