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AB Calculus Crossword Puzzle

Jelli Dorman and Alice Kister

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productrule The integral of a function is the ______ under the curve
tanx The rate of change of position with respect to time
relativeextreme f(c)= 1/(b-a) times the integral of f(x) from a to b is the ______ ______ theorem (two words)
meanvalue An equation involving two or more variables that are differentiable functions of time can be used to find an equation that relates the corresponding rates
relatedrates Left-hand endpoint rectangular approximation method. The method of approximating a definite integral over an interval using the function values at the left-hand endpoints of the subintervals determined by a partition
differentiation The antiderivative of 1 / x
horizontalline A rule that assigns a unique element in a set R to each element in a set D. The set D is the domain of the function. The set of elements assigned from R is the range of the function
concaveup The limit of sinx / x as x approaches zero equals ______
ninetysixx A function f for which f(-x)= f(x) for every x in the domain of f
function The derivative of a function is negative when the function is ______
twentyfive Maximum or minimum
horizontalasymptote The integral of sinx from 0 to t equals_____
sint The derivative of –cosx
substitution A process for finding dy/dx when y is defined as a function as a function of x by an equation of the form f(x,y)=0 is _______ differentiation
linearization tan(x)ln(e) equals_____
discontinuity The limit as x approaches zero in the equation 5x 25
piecewise A method of integrating complex integrals in which you replace the function with u
sinx The equation of the slope 32x^3
decreasing A point in the interior of domain in which f' = 0 or f' does not exist
one If a function f is not continuous at a point c, then c is a point of _______ of f.
criticalpoint The derivative of an acceleration equation
lnx A function that is defined by applying different formulas to different parts of its domain is a ______ function
jerk Determined by taking the coefficients of the highest degree in the numerator over the denominator
velocity If the second derivative is positive at a certain interval, then the graph is _____at that interval
inflectionpoint The equation used for compounding interest continuously
implicit L(x)= f(a) f ’(a)(x-a)
area In the Cartesian coordinate plane, a line parallel to the x-axis
LRAM A point where the graph has a tangent line and the concavity changes
pert d/dx(uv)= u(dv/dx) v(du/dx)
evenfunction The process of taking a derivative

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