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Photographic Terminology

Saturation Between subject and camera
Dodging Series of shots where f-stop and/or speed are adjusted
Aperature Positive image
Processing Scattering light to soften detail
Camera Angles Print of your negatives
Panning Photo emulsion on transparent base
Burning in Camera adjusts to proper focus on its own
Contrast Developing, fixing, and washing
Braketing Controls time at which light reaches film
Diffusing Light is behind subject
Archivability Broad view
Tone Various positions of a camera effecting view
Autofocus Scene behind the subject
Close up Subject is close
Panorama Acid rinse
Backlighting Attribute of perceived color
Shutter Micro-thin layers of gelatin
Variable contrast paper 3-legged, holds camera
Film Unposed pictures
Graininess Lightness or darkness
Darkroom Lens opening
Tripod Creates harmony and equilibrium
Double Exposure Tapes that resist shredding
Background Blow up
Foreground Add more light to a particular section while printing
Depth of Field Darkroom lamp
Contact Print Range of light to dark
Lens Holding some light back
Enlargement Size of lens opening
F-stop Pleasing arrangement
Filter Low in contrast
Composition One or more pieces of optical glass
Latent Image Distance b/w nearest and farthest objects in focus
Flat Sand-like appearance
Balance Lighttight area for processing films
Developer Emulsion speed
ISO Speed Invisible image
Safelight Increase contrast or changes color density
Stop Bath Solution that makes latent image visible
Negative Moving the camera with the subject
Print Sandwiched negatives
Emulsion Reversed tone image of original scene
Cropping Blow up section for better composition
Candid Pictures Photo paper with multiple grades

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