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Terry Reed

Gemstones Names

Jade December Birthstone
Zircon Synthetic glass developed by glass manufacturer.
Alexandrite Enhanced pieces of Jadite and Quartz
Tsavorite From the Greek word onux, which means fingernail
Alexandrite London Blue is a type
Pearl Every color but blue
Moonstone The most abundant single mineral on earth.
Garnet Great Healing, purifying and curative properties.
Ruby Mined mostly in Russia
Sapphire Popular for 6,000 years
Turquoise Named for the Tsavo National Park
Quartz Come in all spectrums of color, except for Red
Goldenite June Birthstone
Lapis Lazuli Like a time capsule placed in the earth by nature
Howlite Composed of Sodium Aluminum Silcate Chloride
Spinel Discoverer Henry How
Amber The official October Birthstone
Sodalite Formed by saltwater oysters
Onyx The great imposter of gemstone history
Zandrite Most popular gemstone after the "Big Four"
Peridot Roman's thought it was formed from moonlight
Tanzanite Known by the Egyptians as the "gem of the sun"
Opal The stone of the heavens, the musical stone
Topaz Intensely colored red gemstone

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