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WWI Crossword puzzle

De'lissa Relacion

WWI Vocabulary

Sedition international organization that armed to promote security
central powers situation in which neither side in a conflict is able to gain advantage.
Armenian Massacre a pledge by German govenor in 1916 that its submarines would warn shipes before attacking.
Great Migration U.S. Politician;was a U.S. leader of progressive and liberal causes in Congress. He represented the state of Nebraska in the United States Senate from 1913 until 1943.
nationalism system of pricing determined by the government.
mobilization members of the minority radical Wing.
Bolsheviks ruler with unlimited power.
Triple Alliance payment from an enemy for economic injury suffered during a war
Mandate 1917 note by a German diplomat proposing an alliance with Mexico.
price controls national group formed in 1910 to IS RHW adjustment of African Americans to cities.
Allies President Wilson's proposal in 1918 for a post war European peace.
George W. Norris the readying of troops for war.
Self Determination Collapse of the Czar's government.
Daylight Saving Time policy of avoiding involvement in foreign affairs
liberty bond Tactic in which senators take the floor, begin talking, and refuse to stop talking to permit a vote on a measure.
Genocide 31st U.S. president headed food administration.
isolationism A group of armed
Triple entente U.S. legislator, women's suffrage leader
Fourteen points Name given to American troops in Europe during WWI.
Sessex Pledge territory or colony taken from defeated nation.
Herbery Croly power to make decisions about one's own future.
reparations special war bonds sold to support the Allied case in WWI
Henry Cabot Lodge deliberate murder of entire people.
Russian Revolution made up of Britain, France,
Selective Service Act. to cease fire or a truce.
rationing Speech or actions that encouraged rebellion.
Jeannette Rankin Russia,France,Great Britain
vigilante policy of aggressively building up a nations armed forces in prepartaion for war.
Zimmerman note Swedish inventor of dynamite
Lusitania 1917 law authorizing a draft of young men for military service.
American Expeditionary Force distributing goods to consumers in a fixed amount.
Filibuster Turkish repression in 1915-1916 against nationalist movement among christian Armenians
Urban league 1st mass movement of African Americans.
Herbert Hoover a person opposed to the war.
U boat U.S. businessman
spoils In WWI,Germany
Stalemate Turing clocks ahead 1 hour for the summer.
militarism devotion to one's nation
Versailles Treaty British passanger liner sunk by German U boat.
Alfred Nobel the name for a German submarine.
Pacifist U.S. statesman.
Autocrat One of the 2 great European alliances before WWI made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
Convoy U.S> editor
Armistice citizen who take the law into his or her own hands.
Bernard Baruch rewards gained through military victory.
league of nations Peace treaty that officially ended World War I between the Allied and Associated Powers and Germany.

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