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History Crossword

Logan Prinz

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mostfavorednation Jerrefson's private secretary,One of the learders of the expedition to explore the new land.
LouisiannaPurchase feelings of strong patriotism.
MidnightJudges the removal of u,s, sailors from u.s. ships and then drafted into the British Navy.
JudicialReview paper notes promising to repay money.
Corps of Discovery powers not explictly listed in the Constitution.
JohnAdams Democratic-Republican, 3rd president, Served 2 terms.
impliedpowers Supreme Court reviews a law, it can only happen if a case is brought against that law.
enumeratedpowers the other leader of the expedition to explore the new land, younger brother to Revolutionary War Hero.
embargo Small group of New England federalists that drafted a plan to remove New England from The Union.
Zebulonpike secretly arranged for a navy fleet to be built on the coast of lake Erie.
Essexjunto 2nd country that tried to break away from its home land and succeded.
Sacagawea Land bought by Jefferson that doubled the size of the United States.
ThomasJefferson People who pushed for war.
Haiti the status Britain gave to the U.S.
JohnMarshall Mapped much of the upper mississippi river.
Nationalism Adams' Atc that got passed on his last day in office, put 16 new judges into position.
merriweatherlewis the right to declare a law invalid.
Williamclark people living in the country who were not citizens.
williamhenryharrison Chief Justice.
Tecumseh powers specifically mentioned in the Constitution.
oliverperry The 16 judges that Adams put in with the Judiciary Act.
NonIntercourseact people willing to take a risk in hopes of a future financial gain.
aliens The Shawnee leaders brother.
speculators One of the judges that didn't get his official papers.
War Hawks incitement to rebellion.
Prophet Federalist,2nd President.
bonds governor of the Indiana territory.
sedition Shawnee leader.
nullification Shoshone woman met by Lewis and Clark.
WilliamMarbury Forbade trade with France and Britain.
JudiciaryAct U.S. french ambassabor.
impressment What the expedition to the new land was called.
Robertlivingston a government ban on trade with other countries.

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