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Totalitarianism in Europe after WWI

Mrs. Warner

This puzzle includes clues from chapter 24 in your textbook. Complete the puzzle as a guide for class discussion.

PrimeMinister Stalin's set of economic
middleclass Pablo Picasso paining and war ravaged town in 1937
MassMedia Fascist leader in Spain
famine Where Hitler got his political start in 1919
Siberia Hitler wrote this while in jail for a failed revolt of 1923
GeneralFranco Russia's Communist Savior Vlad
fascism Hitler linked anti-Semitism and anti-communism with this theory
FiveYearPlans Mussolini's secret police force
SpanishCivilWar killed, by Stalin's estimate, at least 10 million peasants from 1932-33
AdolfHitler started fascism in 1920's Italy
Totalitarianism Where Hitler tested new weapons
Blackshirts when the government takes over private businesses for public gain
SocialDarwinism When the government controls the political, social, economic, intellectual, and cultural aspects of life
Catholicism Mussolini became this in Italy in 1922
Guernica this group had the government's blessing to arrest and jail anyone in Italy
OVRA group of Fascist movement supporters who feared the labor movement of socialism
Stalin Italian fascists controlled this to spread their propaganda
Mussoliniisalwaysright Trotsky's opponent to lead the Soviet Union after Lenin's death in 1924
MeinKampf region of the Soviet Union where political prisoners were sent to die in prisons and camps
collectivization strong government control of all aspects of life by a dictator
USSR Sole religion in Fascist Italy
police Really creative example of Fascist propaganda
Lenin Born in Austria in 1889, failed to become a painter so he became the world's worst dictator of all time
GermanWorkersParty Mussolini's army that attacked socialists in 1920 and 1921
BenitoMussolini "Back in the ____"

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