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Russian Czars Increase Power

Pam and Karlan

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absolute Time after Ivan's son died without an heir
January Peter introduced this food in an attempt to westernize.
IvanIII What coast was Peter's new capital on?
Westernization lasted into the mid-1800's in Russia
archangel 1547-1560 is known as the ________
serfdom Came to power in 1533, when he was 3
Newspaper What was Peter's new capital called?
Michael Russian ruler
Moscow Russia's only seaport
Neva Russia's landowning nobles
Mongols Meaning of Czar
fifteensixty Peter raised what group's status?
Education What was Peter's new capital located on?
Womens Year Ivan's wife died
StPetersburg Ruled 1462-1505, from Moscow
ASwamp Group set up to run the Russian Catholic church.
Theczar Peter started Russia's first _________.
goodperiod Peter increased his power as an ________ ruler to force change.
Czar Nickname for peter when he worked in the Netherlands
Romanovs Peter's long visit to western Europe
black Old Boyar family Ivan was from
sixteen What river did the ships sail down on the way out of Peter's new capital?
PetertheGreat Using western Europe as a model for change
Heavytaxes Started ruling Russia in 1696
Baltic What did Peter believe was a key to Russia's progress?
IvantheTerrible What did Peter refer to himself as in his journals?
Anastasia Grandnephew of Anastasia
Europeans When do Russians celebrate their new year?
compete What traditional item did Peter order his nobles to give up, and replace with western equivalents?
clothes City conquered in around 1462
CarpenterPeter Ivan's wife
PrinceKurbsy Peter resolved that he would _______ with the west.
Grandembassy One of the nobles Ivan punished
Boyars Color of Ivan's police force
potatoes Peter hired ______ to train his army.
HolySynod Ruled Russia until 1462
Caesar How Peter paid for his army.
TimeOfTrouble Age when Ivan seized power all to himself

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