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Josh Myers

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Lanugo Liquid surrounding baby in womb.
Cervix An injected medication to reduce pain during child birth.
Umbilical Cord The thinning of the cervix.
Amniotic Fluid Long opening to uterus.
Pediatrician When a child is born bottom first.
Gynecologist Ties baby to placenta in womb.
Toxemia Helps to feed baby in womb.
Epidural Delicate hairs on fetus.
Obstetrician Doctor specializing in child birth and care for mothers.
Effaced A doctor specialized in women's health.
Contractions A poisoning of the blood.
Cesarean The stretching of the birth canal during labor.
Vernix Waxy substance covering fetus.
Placenta A children's doctor.
Breech A surgical procedure to replace birthing a child.

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