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Medical-Surgical terminology


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Diuresis Scar tissue
Skin The systolic blood pressure is noted during the contractions of these
Pneumothorax low urine output
Stomatitis Process of gas exchange
Fissure Inflammation of the oral mucosa
Sigmoidoscopy Respiration pattern characteristic of a narcotic overdose
Hemothorax The fifth vital sign
Alveoli Diagnostic procedure to visualize the sigmoid colon
Hemoglobin Crack in the skin
Eschar Collection of air in the pleural space
Colostomy Largest organ of the body
Atrophy Production and excretion of large amounts of urine
Ventricles Lose of muscles normal strength and function
Bradypnea Oxygen combines with this in the blood
Pain Part of lungs in which gas exchange occurs
Debridement An opening into the colon to divert and drain fecal material
Irrigation Flushing or washing-out with a specified solution
Tachypnea Removal of necrotic material
Respiration Collection of blood or fluid in the plural space
Oliguria Rapid rate of respiration

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