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To Die a Modern Death...

Jessica Wolf

Random causes that contribute to a modern death

HIV Anti America
Domestic Abuse To protect and serve
Cancer Withdrawl from the world
Sports To get back at
Greed Learn to control one's anger or
Risk Reckless use of a vehicle
Drunk Driving Prelude to random death
Surgery To try and pull off an act
Alcohol Columbine
Natural Disaster "Head" issues
War Fighting for our country
Emotions Abuse of a substance
Gangs An addictive fix
Overdrose Deadly diagnosis
Police Addictive substance
Sacrafice Money or materialistic obsession
Preformance To put everything on the line
Driving Anorexia and Bluemia are concerns
Religion Steriod abuse is one result
Drugs Abuse between partners or family
Violence Use of intoxicants and a vehicle
Heroism One who chases excitement
Bungee Jumping Hanging by the feet for fun
Disease Strive for the perfect look
Solider Irresponsbile sexual behavior
Motorcycles Sarcrafice for the sake of a God
Depression Dangerous transportation
Thrill Seeker Organized crime
Apperance Fatal Immune Disease
Occupation To take one's life
Temper To take a chance
School Shooting One's risky job description
Suicide Katrina
Terrorism Bravery
Weight Nature's curveball
Stunt Iraq
Revenge One's feelings
Hurricane Alter anatomy for a look
Glutany Over induldge
Promiscuity Recreational risks
Psychological Diagnosis, not cancer

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