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Prevention of Heart Disease

Larissa Brophy, MS, RD, LD

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know A warning sign of a heart attack includes ______ discomfort.
stress Shaker not to use at the table
three A female milestone that increased heart disease risk.
fat You should be sure to perform cardiovascular exercise on ______ days of the week.
age A part of everyday life that needs to be controlled.
yoga Heart disease is the number one killer of women, even above ______ _______.
breast cancer A heart disease risk factor that you cannot change.
menopause Eat more _______ and vegetables.
BMI Another term for body weight
waist Disease of high blood pressure.
fish A heart disease risk factor that you can change.
diabetes A _______ circumference of 35 or more increases your risk.
whole Less than 35% of calories should come from
fruits Source of heart healthy fats.
most The minimum number of minutes that a person should exercise.
low Disease of high blood glucose.
trans Carries cholesterol through the body
animal Carries cholesterol to the bloodstream. aka _______ density lipoprotein.
systolic A cluster of at least three symptoms, aka __________ syndrome.
membranes The bottom number of blood pressure. The pressure when the heart is at rest.
hypertension A warning sign of a heart attack includes shortness of _______.
high Cholesterol helps to build cell _______.
breath Type of fats that are really bad for you.
salt The pressure in the blood vessels with the heart is beating . Top number for blood pressure
diastolic _______ your numbers!
smoking Foods that contain the most cholesterol come from _____ products.
thirty Eat less than two per week
lipoproteins One in ________ women have some form of heart disease.
chest "Good" cholesterol, aka_______ density lipoprotein
egg yolk Choose ________ grains.
metabolic An exercise that may reduce stress.

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