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Drug Test Review

Ms. Hackmann

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Drug Use A sometimes fatal reaction to a large dose of a drug.
Stacking Improper use of a drug, usually done by mistake.
Overdose Taking meds properly and in its correct dosage.
Withdrawal The main active ingredient in marijuana.
Depressant Needing an increased amount to feel its effects.
Effect These drugs distort sensory information going to the brain, users may have a distorted sense of reality.
Drug Misuse These drugs slow down brain and body functions.
Stimulant When a drug becomes ineffective at a certain level.
Drug Abuse A substance that causes a physical or emotional change in a person.
Fifteen Strong need for a drug, can't manage without it.
Inhalants The influence a drug has on the body and the mind or both.
Tolerance The hormone released when using marijuana. Makes user feel happy.
Carcinogen An effect on a person's mood or behavior. Mood altering.
Psychoactive Effects Caffeine affects the body in ____ minutes.
Narcotic These drugs speed up the mental and physical responses of the central nervous system.
Tapering Used to illegally manufacture drugs. Typically small and use common household items.
Twenty A condition in which the body relies on a given drug to help it function.
Plateauing The body's reaction when it doesn't receive a drug it depends on.
Marijuana Taking more than one type of steroid at a time.
Clandestine Laboratory A legal substance used to treat an illness or ailment.
Drug These drugs are powerful painkillers that suppress the central nervous system.
Craving Traditionally 6-12 weeks.
THC A cancer causing agent.
Medicine Smoking one joint equals ____ cigarettes worth of tar and chemicals.
Side Effect Driving while under the influence of drugs.
Addiction An effect that accompanies the expected effect of a drug.
Dopamine Slowly decreasing steroid intake.
Drugged Driving Classified as both a hallucinogen and a depressant.
Hallucinogen These drugs are common household products, gives the user mind altering effects.
Cycling Intentional improper use of a drug.

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