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Gaetan Civil

No description

entrer to find
porter the color of clear skies
anorak this is usually worn in school
noir the color of the sun
gris to put on
trouver to believe
brun to enter
jean the color of Chaminade blazers mainly used
mettre the color of a tree bark
croire the color of carrots
veste the color of an apple
blanc the color of rain clouds
beige to wear
jaune this is worn during a snowstorrm
pull this is worn on the head
sandale this is usually worn at the beach
rose the color of copier paper
short the color of cola
orange the color that is used to identify a baby girl
casquette the color of grass
bleumarine this is usually worn in the summertime
rouge to see
vert this is usually worn in the wintertime
voir a pair of blue jeans
bleu the color of curtains

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