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Celebrate French Week Sports Crossword

Peter Rise

1) All answers are in French, but some words are cognates.2) Answers don’t include articles (le, la, un, une).3) Most answers use dictionary in back of book, but some require a full French/English dictionary.4) No answers are plural.

Blessure A team sport in France is called “un sport ___.
Penalty Cracking your skull is a serious ___.
Spectateur What do you call a member of a sports audience?
Radio What sport uses “un tee” and “des clubs”?
Glace What do you catch with a “canne à pêche”?
Jouer What French verb means “to score” (non-conjugated)?
Poisson What do you normally kick a soccer ball with?
Passer What sport’s ball is often called a “pigskin”?
Pied How do those not attending a sporting event still watch it?
Football Américan What sport contains “un ballon orange”?
Juane What do players of “le football Américan” play on?
Position What sport involves sticks, frozen water, and a lot of knocked out teeth?
Golf What French verb means “to pass” (non-conjugated)?
Bicyclette What do you “farie du patin” on?
Montagne Who makes sure that sports players follow the rules?
Télévision What color jersey does the Tour de France winner wear?
Lancer What French verb means “to shoot” (non-conjugated)?
Basket What is a sports participant called (masculine form)?
Champ What landform can you ski on?
Collectif If a foul is called on a player or team, what do they receive?
Abitre What are “Quarterback” or “3rd Base” examples of?
But What French sport involves a net, a racquet, and a fuzzy yellow ball?
Tennis What do competitors in the Tour de France ride?
Marquer What do players of "le football" want to score?
Hockey What do you use to listen to a sports game in the car?

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