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Passe Compose

Mlle Seigneur

Find the French past participle for each English word (or phrase) given.

couru answered
cree travelled
marche cried
voyage came
dit loved
venu went
parti spoke
commence believed
vu bought
eu returned
mort decided
fini went up
regarde danced
mange gave back
sorti punished
ne left
retourne was
permis started
parle watched
aime understood
ecrit heard
travaille arrived
etudie listened
nage created
fait cut
pris said
alle sang
descendu obeyed
conduit went out
puni finished
revenu learned
repondu asked
tombe went down
coupe had
ete visited
mis walked
pu fell
pleure took
appris drove
rit read
lu swam
demande died
dance made
rendu was born
telephone put
perdu became
monte wrote
crie ate
ecoute telephoned
cru laughed
arrive studied
visite came back
chante yelled
entendu ran
obei lost
compris permitted
devenu worked
frappe saw
achete was able
decide hit

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