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French Crossword Puzzle

Alex Goodwin

Complete crossword.

Lepere Use to write.
Lepopcorn Straight and measures.
Lestylo Like a pickle but larger.
Tante Er verd for study.
Lapommedeterre Goes great with movies.
Lordinateur A wheat product you eat.
Etudier Er verb for teach.
Lapomme Mother and ______.
Leconcombre Listens to teacher.
Lamere Goes in cereal.
Dupain Mans bestfriend.
Dulait In a bowl and you eat it.
Latomate Fries are made of them.
Laneige Father and ______.
Lacraie Use to write.
lasalade Opposite of cold.
Lechaud Caesar ______.
Enseigner Uncle and ______.
Laregle Read.
Lagomme Write on this.
Lelivre Shiny red ______.
Leprofessur Gets rid of pencil.
Lepapier Go to learn.
Leleve Bacon Lettuce ______ Sandwich.
Lechat Cute and cuddely
Lecole Teaches students.
Lechien That person is goin ___ ______ on paper.
Lesoupe Writes on blackboard.
Lecrayon Ir verb for leave.
Partir What happens in winter.
Tracer Has internet.

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