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VOLCANO an opening in the earth's surfaceVULCAN the name ancient Roman gods gave to volcanoesMAGMA melted rock inside the earthCONDUIT channel in a fractured part of the rockLAVA magma that has escapedPAHOEHOE folded sheets of rockTEPHRA rock fragmentsGAS pours out of volcanoes in larage quantitiesERRUPTIONS flowing magma and lava from volcanoDUST volcanie particles less than 1/100 inchASH volcanic fragments less than 1/3 inch in diameterDOMES - mounds of lavaCENTRAL VENT opening which lave and magma blast from CHAMBER the reservoir from which volcanic material errupts

Pahoehoe volcanic particles less than 1/100 inch
chamber flowing magma and lav from a volcano
Volcano mounds of lava
Tephra an opening in the earth's surface
Domes magma that has escaped
Central Vent folded sheets of rock
Erruptions name given to volcanoes by ancient Roman gods
Gas rock fragments
Dust channel in a factrured part of the rock
Shield volcano melted rock inside the earth
Ash volcanic fragments less than 1/3 inch in diamater
conduit the reservoir from which volcanic material errupts
Magma opening which lava and magma blast from
Vulcan pours out of volcanoes in large quantities
Lava forms when large amoung of free-flowing lava spills from a vent

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