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Invertebrate Crossword Puzzle

Ben Schulte

No description

external stimuli a jellyfish
anthropod having 3 pairs of walking legs
insect sea anemone
sea cucumber having both eggs
invert flatworm that has 2 hosts
bilaterla symmetry 1 line of symmetry
insect are spinless
polyp has a "foot"
cambrian explosion class of clams
Isopodses class of slugs
rotifera echinoderma w/ no suckers on tube feet
bivalve mesoderms made array of variations
mollusk predators stressed adaptive radiations
sponge called sea squirts
tapeworm small
urochordates diverged from flatworms
echinodermata having 2 pairs of legs per segment
radial symmertry used to take in food, water and sperm in sponge
hermaphroditic have feathery gill
gastropod class of octopus
internal stimuli having 2 pairs of antenna
chordata 5% of animals
zygote echinoderm that lacks hard exoskeleton
cephalochchordata flatworm w/ flame cells for excretion
nephridia has no nerves or muscles
crustacean diverged from echinoderms
gastrula blastula developing mouth and anus
flukes most successful group of animals
shrimp 95% of animals
blastula hollow ball of zygote
brittle stars fertilized egg
round worm flatworm w/ hooks or suckers
millipede symmetrical everywhere
vertebrate have trache
medusa have 7000 species
spiders have book lungs
centipede go by pill bugs
cephaolpoda used in excretion for earthworms
planaria having 1 pair of legs per segment
collar cell produced all major body plans

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