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Urinary and Male Reproductive System-c 17


medical terminology

trigone kidney stones
meatotomy excessive amounts of protein in the urine
ureterostomy drooping kidney
glomeruli process of removing stones by cutting into the kidney
cystoscope pus in the urine
renal fascia blood in the urine
nephroptasis triangular area of the bladder
urethrorrhage dilation of testicular veins inside the scrotum
variocele filter blood
nephrotomography procedure that utilizes x-rays to show renal tissue at various depths
dysuria new opening between the ureter and abdominal wall
cryptorchidism new opening between the ureter and ileum
seminiferous tubules dilated, upper portion of the ureter
renal pelvis accumulation of blood around the testicles
nephrolithotomy accumulation of fluid in the renal pelvis due to the obstruction of the normal urinary pathway
ureteroileostomy new opening between the bladder and sigmoid colon
hematuria membrane surrounding the kidney
pyuria crushing of stones
renal medulla inner layer of kidney
albuminuria frequent urination at night
lithotripsy accumulation of milky fluid in the testicles or epididymis
hydrocele pertaining to outside the body
nocturia function in spermatogenesis
anuria accumulation of fluid around the testicles
nephropathy instrument used to visually examine the bladder
extra corporeal deficient number of spermatozoa
hematocele disease of the kidney
bacteriuria excessive amounts of protein in the urine
nephrolithiasis no urine formation
urethroplasty process of cutting into the urinary meatus
spermatocele painful urination
vesicosigmoidostomy bacteria in the urine
oliguria surgical repair of the urethra
oligospermia undescended testicles
nephroblastoma malignant tumor of the kidney, made up of undeveloped material
proteinuria hemorrhaging from the urethra
hydronephrosis decreased urination

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