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Terrie Pugh

Extra CreditUnit 1

Astrocytes Another name for white blood cells
Platelets Atypical connective tissue
Muscle Muscle under strict nervous control
Erythrocytes Tissue that is responsive to stimulation
Dendrite Tissue that conducts impulses as waves of excitations
Fibrocartilage Cartilage that makes up the external ear
Oligodendrocyte Makes up the intervertebral discs
Axon Contains cells, fibers, ground substance AND inorganic salts
Macrophages The most widespread of all the connective tissues
Leucocytes Cell process of which there is only one; carries impulses away from the cell
Nervous A group of similar cells performing a common function
Hyaline Tissue that contains a great deal of fat cells
Reticular Smooth
Areolar Connective tissue that is found where delicate and supporting framework is needed
Elastic A nerve cell consisting of a cell body and all its processes
Epithelium Star shaped neuroglia
Blood Tissue that is a sheet like covering
Tissue Another name for red blood cells
Nonstriated When activated by inflammation they become free and can ingest particulate matter
Mast Cells usually seen in the respiratory lining, lymphoid tissue and GIT lining
Fibroblasts Responsible for forming ground substance and fibers in connective tissue
Bone Fibers that join into bundles which may branch
Plasma Cells that are crowded with secretory granules, which may be heparin or histamine
Voluntary Muscle that cannot ordinarily be controlled voluntarily
Connective Neuroglia that lay down myelin in the CNS
Adipose Component of blood responsible for clotting
Neuron The most common type of cartilage in the body
Involuntary Tissue whose fibers provide binding and supporting functions
Collagen Cell process of which there can be many; carries impulses to the cell

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