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Skeletal System

Robert Lewis

To assist in the learning and understanding of Anatomy

extension Circular movement around a axis
compact Pointing your feet/toes towards the floor
ballandsocket Take away (from the midline of the body)
protraction Flat bones in the thoracic cavity
sideways Action of taking thumb to opposing fingers!
true Tiny holes in the bone for the transportation of nutrients
shrugging Number of vertabrae in the human body
flat Relating to your lower back
pivot Fluid within a freely moveable joint
reproductiveorgans Hip joint for instance
spinousprocess Scoliotic curve goes in this direction
shockabsorber A mineral stored in the bones
humerus Breat bone
phospherous Name given to the two pelvic bones
synovialfluid The scapula is this type of bone
Lowerleg Collective name for wrist bones
sesamoid Pelvic girdle provides protection for these
pelvicgirdle The action of lateral flexion of the trunk
fracture Joint action that goes around!
plantarflexion Wider in females
axial The patella is an example of this type of bone
cancellous Synovial fluid acts as this in the joint
skeleton You have seven of these vertabrae in your vertabral column
rotation Bumpy bit you can feel on the top of each vertabrae
opposition Tone elks (Anagram - rearrange the order of the letters to form a word)
scapula Funny bone
cervical Skeletal system allows this
movement Elevating your shoulders is this action
hinge The skeletal system is this (for the attachment of muscles etc)
ribs Another name for the shoulder blade
circumduction Pronounced outward curvature of the spine
oeteoporosis Real ribs!
ligaments Fingers and toes
sternum Cartiliginous joints are these
ishium Consists of the cranium, vertabral column and ribs
sidebending Knee and elbow are exmaples of this kind of joint
appendicular Rotational movement available at this kind of joint
hyline A breakage of the bone
semimoveable A function ofthe skeleton
thirtythree Meeting place of two or more bones
innominate These attach bone to bone
haversiancanals Not the axial skeleton
joint Another name for articular cartliage
kyphosis Spongy bone
framework Shape of a short bone
cartilage Also known as brittle bone disease
phalanges Another name for your clavicle
lumbar Opposite action of flexion
carpals Position of the fibula within the body
collarbone Bone of the pelvis
movement Taking your shoulders forward
gout Bone on the outside is called?
cuboidal Arthritis which sometimes affects the big toe
abduction On the ends of bones

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