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Skeletal System

L. Powers


Short Unattached ribs
Spiral Comprised of compact bone
Flat Stored in diaphysis
Irregular Cartilage
floating Made of spongy bone
Greenstick There are 7 of them
Atlas There are 5 of them
Lumbar Rib; skull
Long First vertebra
Sacrum Marrow that stores fat
axial Vertebrae
fissure Cuts
hyaline 5 fused vertebrae
Diaphysis Large part of coxal bone
Hinge Fracture common in sports
Thoracic There are 12 of them
Parathyroid Finger; toe
Ilium Tailbone
Coccyx Narrow, slitlike depression
osteoblast Builds
Scoliosis Shallow, basinlike depression in a bone
osteoclast Elbow joint
patella Hunchback
Kyphosis Skull, vertebrae, bony thorax
Epiphysis Femur; humerous
Comminuted Fragmented fracture
phalange Abnormal S Curve
Calcium First stage of bone healing
Saddle Moves side to side
Fossa Carpal; wrist
Cervical Fracture found in children
Yellow Sesomoid/short bone
Hematoma Hormone that regulates blood calcium levels

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