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Skeletal Vocabulary

Jamie Gross

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cranium side-to-side or lateral curve of spine
axial larger shin bone
sinuses crack or break bone
ulna reduction that does not involve surgical intervention
periosteum shoulder bone
metatarsals hunchback curve of spine
colles fingers
depressed ends of bones
diaphysis area where cranial bones join
osteomyelitis forms extremeties
sutures outside covering of bone
patella immovable joint
fracture air spaces in bones of skull
humerus stretching of ligaments at a joint
scoliosis hip bones
compound joint inflamation
fontanels "soft spots"
sternum knee cap
radius collarbone
osteoporosis palm of hand
foramina fat cells within bone
scapula inflamation of bursae
yellow marrow wrist bones
os coxae bone fragments or splinters into more than 2 pieces
epiphysis ankle bones
fibula breast bone
tibia connective tissue that holds joints together
clavicle opening in bone
metacarpals bone inflammation from a pathogenic organism
bursitis skeleton that forms main trunk of body
femur freely movable joint
ligaments skull fracture that pushes inward
phalanges where two bones or more meet
tarsals break and dislocatoin of distal radius
synarthrosis smaller forearm bone on thumb side
kyphosis upper arm
sprain slightly movable joint
comminuted foot bone
dislocation bone is bent; usually in children
joints larger forearm bone on pinky side
strain herniated or slipped disk
open red blood cells within bones
red marrow non-weight bearing lower leg bone
greenstick open; fracture that punctures skin
reduction closed; fracture within skin
carpals skull bone
lordosis softening of bones
amphiarthrosis long shaft
spiral bone put into place
appendicular where a bone is forced from a joint
closed twisting action that tears the ligaments at a joint
simple swayback or inward curve
diarthrosis broken ends of bone jam into each other
impacted bone twists in one or more breaks
ruptured disk reduction that involves surgical repair
arthritis thigh bone

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