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Respiratory System


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esophagus Voice box
Chronicobstructivepulmonarydisease When we breathe out, the ______________ moves upward, forcing the chest cavity to get smaller and pushing the gases in the lungs up and out of the nose and mouth.
Asthma short tube contains a pair of _____________, which vibrate to make sounds.
epiglottis oxygen gets picked up by a molecule called ____________
diaphragm bronchi is known as the ______________
diffusion inflammation of the lungs, which usually occurs because of infection with a bacteria or virus.
thorax lung disease in which the lung is damaged, making it hard to breathe.
Cysticfibrosis long-term, inflammatory lung disease that causes airways to tighten and narrow
pleura process called ____________, oxygen moves from the alveoli to the blood through the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) that line the alveolar walls.
bronchioles Bronchioles, which are as thin as a strand of hair, end in tiny air sacs called _________________
larynx membranes lining the larger bronchial tubes become inflamed and an excessive amount of mucus is produced.
pharynx At its bottom end, the trachea divides into left and right air tubes called ___________________
Pneumonia The two openings of the airway (the nasal cavity and the mouth) meet at the _________
trachea small flap of tissue, covers the air-only passage when we swallow, keeping food and liquid from going into our lungs.
Bronchitis Within the lungs, the bronchi branch into smaller bronchi and even smaller tubes called _____________
vocalcords airtight box that houses the bronchial tree, lungs, heart, and other structures.
bronchi lungs also contain elastic tissues that allow them to inflate
hemoglobin inherited disease affecting the lungs.
alveoli Tiny hairs called _____ protect the nasal passageways and other parts of the respiratory tract
Commoncold over 200 different viruses that cause inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.
cilia windpipe
bronchialtree passageway is for food, the _______________, which leads to the stomach

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