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Respiratory system Cpt 14


medical terminology

pharyngoglossal water in the pleural cavity
pneumonia breathing in only the upright position
hyperpnea inflammation of all the sinuses
hydrothorax pus in the pleural cavity
apnea pain in the pleura
larynges no breathing
orthopnea plural of larynx
pneumothorax lack of oxygen
oligopnea inflammation of the alvoli
tracheae instrument used to cut the tonsils
pyothorax inflammation of the voice box (larynx), windpipe (tracea) and bronchus
tonsils fast breathing
bradypnea infrequent breathing
laryngotracheobronchitis abnormal increase in depth and rate of breathing
bronchi instrument used to listen to chest sounds
dyspnea inflammation of the lung
tachypnea plural of trachea
hypercapnia the opposite of thoracentesis, thoracocentesis
anoxia slow breathing
hypocapnia plural of tonsils
nasolacrimal plural of alveolus
tonsillotome plural of bronchus
alveolar pertaining to the nose and lacrimal apparatus
pleuracentesis collectionof air in the pleural cavity
alveolitis pertaining to the throat and tongue
pansinusitis painful breathing
hemothorax decreased amounts of carbon dioxide in the bloods
pleuralgia normal breathing
stethoscope blood in the pleural cavity
pneumorrhagia excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the blood
eupnea bleeding from the lungs

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