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Reproductive System

Use the clues provided to find the correct answer.

fundus stimulates milk ejection
estrogen develops during postovulatory phase
monspubis rounded part of uterus
266 mucous membrane lining the uterus
oxytocin number of chromosones provided by each parent
fimbriae developing egg
amnion receives penis
penis sperm cells
parturition foreskin
spermatozoa skin covered bag suspended from the groin
testosterone male copulatory organ
conception women enter this phase at around 50 yrs
prepuce fertilization and establishment of pregnancy
pituitary responsible for primary sex characteristics
labiamajora process of production and release of milk
epididymis secretes Gonadotropn-releasing hormone (GnRH)
cowper's glands newborn
clitoris fertilized egg
hypothalamus between pubic arch and anus
perineum for males both urine and semen pass through
testes childbirth
neonate between vaginal wall and cervix
vansdeferens folds
uterus peptide hormone
menopause womb
androgens fingerlike projections at free end of fallopion tube
ejaculation ovum development
vulva common type of cancer in elderly gentlemen
corpus secretes FSH and LH
prostate zygote divides
twentythree female gonads
ova fusion of sperm and ovum
labiaminora semen is discharged from penis
lactation mound of fatty tissue
uterinetubes which stage is placenta expelled
mammory when inner lining of uterus sloughs off
progesterone main portion or body of uterus
endometrium male gonads
oviduct forms a protective sac of fluid around embryo
fornices external female genital structures
scrotum number of days for prenatal development
menarche organ of exchange between mother and fetus
inhibin bulbourethral glands
embryo secreted hormone from corpus luteum
zygote "place of" sexual sensation
gametes milk production located within breasts (glands)
spermatogenesis mucous membrane surrounds vagina's entrance
fertilization male hormones
placenta small lips
semen transports ova
corpusluteum female hormone
vagina uterine tube
rugae large lips
menstruation sperm production
oogenesis sperm duct
hymen whitish fluid containing sperm
ovaries large coiled tube where sperm pass
urethra specialized sex cells
third first menstrual period

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