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Osseous Tissue

Rita Baker

No description

calcitonin secretion of this hormone occurs with/after elevated levels of calcium
calcium Cells that dissolve bone matrix and work in remodeling of bone
periosteum needed for absorption of calcium and phosphate ions
protein crystal cartilage forming on a long bone
closed found in spongy bone and are aligned along the stress lines of the bone
remodeling medullary cavity of bones contain
metaphysis Needed to prevent osteoporsis (2 vitamins and one mineral
marrow the strenght in bones that gives it 'flexibility'
osteocyte structural units of compact bone
osteons mature bone cell and most abundant cell in bone
hyaline cartilage accounts for 2/3 the weight of a bone
trabeculae found in center of osteons
closure a break in the bone that is completely enclosed
vertebrae the deposition of calcium in bones
osteoclasts occurs when osteoclasts are more active than osteoblasts
lacuna small, narrow passage ways containing the cytoplasmic extentions of osteocytes
exercise elevated levels of estrongen causes________________of the epiphyseal plate
ossification our bones are constantly_____________________, according to the demands we put on them
blood vessels structure responsible for bone growth
canaliculi Cells that secrete organic components of the bone matrix
vitamin D The region of the bone between the end and the shaft
trabeculae gives bone flexibility, strength and resistance to shattering
osteopenic bones most abundant mineral in the body
Vitamin C D and Calcium prior to puberty elevated growth hormone causes_______________
endosteum cartilage model
tensile strenth bone built to withstand stress from many directions
10-15 membrane on outer surface of bone
osteoblasts contains osteocytes and referred to as 'little lake'
calcium-phosphate the femur can withstand up to _____-_____times the body weight with out breaking
epiphyseal plate lining of the medullary cavity
endochondral ossification Irregular shaped bone
sesamoid bones _____________great for the bones and increases width and density.
giantism develop within the tendons

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