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Ally Bogar

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Gluteus Maximus Knee extension and hip flexion
Serratus Anterior Protraction of scapula
Pectoralis Minor Flexes, medially and laterraly rotates, abducts the arm
Biceps Brachii Flexes and Rotates Head
Gluteus Medius Plantar Flexion
Rhomboids Elevates ribs, depresses and protracs scapula
Pectoralis Major Internal rotation, flexion, adduction arm
Gluteus Minimus Extension and external rotation of the hip
Quadriceps Supinates forearm, flexes elbow
Extensor Hallicus Abduction and internal rotation of hip (middle)
Deltiod Flexion and outward rotation of the hip and knee
Satorius Extends hip, flexes knee, internal and external rotation of the hip
Gastrocnemius Hip adduction
Sternocleidomastoid Flexes knee and plantar inversion
Tibialis Anterior Flexes big toe
Erector Spinae Spinalis Hip Flexion
Erector Spinae Extends big toe
Hamstrings Extends Elbow
Flexor Hallicus Longus Extends and laterally flex spine
Iliopsoas Extend and laterally flex spine
Hip Adductors Dorsiflextion and inversion
Soleus Abduction and internal rotation of hip (Min)
Rectus Abdominus Retraction of scapula
Triceps Brachii Trunk flexion, expiration, defecation, childbirth

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