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Muscle Crossword

Jim Brown

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Lactic The main component of thin filaments
Troponin Action potentials travel along the sarcolemma and through these (two words)
Contractility These cells are able to fuse and make new muscle fibre
Transversetubules The function of this muscle types is to "pump" blood through the circulatory system
CreatinePhosphate Excess ATP produced in muscle is stored in the form of this
Skeletal The basic functional unit of a myofibril
Cardiac The ability to contract forcibly
NeuromuscularJunction A special characteristic of cardiac muscle
Elasticity This type of contraction occurs when tension in the muscle remains constant despite a change in muscle length
Myoglobin This kind of contraction is a contraction of all the muscle fibers in a motor unit in response to a single action potential in a motor neuron
Isotonic In this type of contraction, the force generated is sufficient to overcome the resistance, and the muscle shortens as it contracts
Endomysium The cell (plasma) membrane of a muscle fibre or muscle cell
Tetanus In a relaxed muscle fibre, this
Isometric The contractile unit of muscles
Sarcolemma Recovery oxygen consumption used to be called this
Myofibril The type of muscle we use for voluntary movement
Extensibility The most abundant protein in muscle
Glycosomes Is a protein (only found in muscle) that receives oxygen from hemoglobin and stores it in the tissues until needed
Satellite This protein anchors a thick filament to the Z disc and M line thus it helps to stabilize the position of the thick filament
SuperficialFascia When this ion is released from the terminal cisterns of the SR, muscle contraction occurs
Actin A layer of connective tissue which ensheaths the entire muscle
Eccentric This protein helps anchor the thin filaments to the Z discs
Calcium A layer of connective tissue that ensheaths a muscle fibre
Fermentation This type of contraction occurs when the muscle remains the same length despite building tension
Concentric The adipose tissue of this (two words) stores most of the body’s triglycerides
SynapticVesicles The inability of a muscle to maintain its strength (force) of contraction or tension after prolonged activity is called this
Myomesin The ability to return to its original shape after being stretched
Hyperplasia These proteins form the M line at the very center of the sarcomere
Hypertrophy This is attached to the protein tropomyosin and lies within the groove between actin filaments in muscle tissue
Titan An increase in the number of muscle fibers
Epimysium Unconscious nerve impulses maintain the muscles in a partially contracted state - this is called
Autorythmicity Anaerobic respiration results in the production of this kind of acid
Nebulin Synaptic end bulbs contains many of these
SarcoplasmicReticulum Anaerobic respiration is commonly known as this
Myosin The ability to stretch without being damaged
OxygenDebt In this type of contraction, the force generated is insufficient to overcome the resistance placed on the muscle and the muscle fibers lengthen as they contract
Twitch This is the chemical used at the NMJ
MuscleFatigue An enlargement of existing muscle fibers
Neurotransmitter Granules of stored glycogen
MuscleTone This is a medical condition characterized by a prolonged contraction of skeletal muscle fibers
Sarcomere In a relaxed muscle, this blocks the attachment site for myosin on the actin protein
Tropomyosin The site of interaction between the nervous and muscular systems

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