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Tomasz Winnicki

Kinesiology Puzzle

Synarthrosis The area that is hollowed out in the bone.
Roll Movement of the hand toward the radius.
Hyaline For instance: Combing one's hair.
Externalrotation A small round projection on a bone.
Fossa Extension at the ankle.
Adbuction Movement the opposite of supination.
Extension Motion that causes an increaase in the joint angle closer to 180.
Medullarycanal A flat or shallow articulating surface of the bone.
Slide Movement along the plane parallel to the ground and away from midline.
Foramen Movement the opposite of protraction.
Gomphosis An area where a blood vessel travels.
Condyle Motion that causes a decrease in joint angle.
Spin A single point on one articular surface rotates on a single point on another surface.
Pronation Multiple points along one rotating articular surface contact multiple points on another articular surface.
Lateralbending Sharp ridge or border.
Palmarflexion The motion that occurs between the articular surfaces of joints.
Facet A bony prominence on a condyle.
Inversion This fibrous membrane covering bone.
Crest A very large prominence for muscle attach.
Periosteum The anterior surface of the structure moves away from the midline rotating around its longitudinal axis.
Fibrocartlilage Movement of the trunk to the side.
Medialrotation A round knuckle – like projection at the end of long bone.
Syndesmosis Shaft of long bones, mostly exterior compact bone.
Retraction Rrounded articular projection beyond a narrow portion of the bone.
Tobercle Type of joint that the teeth can be described as.
Trochanter Movement of the hand toward the ulna.
Dorsiflexion Movement of a body parttoward to midline.
Supination A single point on one articular surface contacts multiple points on another articular surface.
Head A large rounded projection that serves attach for a muscle.
Toberosity The position of the palm also faces up.
Adduction Hole through which blood vessels, nerves and ligaments pass.
ADL Passageway for nutrient arteries,
Spine Type of cartilage that covers the ends of the bone and is non-vascular.
Eversion A type of joint that does not permit very much motion.
Groove The material that makes up the menisci of the knee.
ROM Flexion at the wrist.
Radialdeviation A ligamentous joint that permits some motion, but limited.
Flexion Long thin projections.
Epicondyle Moving the sole of the foot outward at the ankle.
Ulnardeviation Motion about a fixed point.
Line Movement of a bone around its longitudinal axis. Anterior surface moves inward toward the midline.
Diaphysis Moving the sole of the foot inward at the ankle.
Arthrokinematics Movement of a body part away from midline.
Protraction A feature on the surface of the bone that is less prominent than a ridge.

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