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Integumentary System

Bryanna Soderholtz

Vocabulary and Latin/Greek roots that are in the Integumentary System chapter of the Essitials of Anatomy and Physiology book.

Dermis a sweat gland is an expample of
papilla consists of cuticle, cortex, and medulla
integument cells that synthesize melin
merkel cells false
Hyperkeratinosis grease
Melanin skin and accessory organs
basal cell carcinoma componet of sweat
ultra voilet radiation dark pigment synthesized by melanocytes
seb our skin synthesizes
sudoriferous glands the deepest layer of the epithelial tissues;thickest layer
kyanos a callus
sensible persperation 0.8mm thick; lacks stratum lucidum
hair body leaks about 1 pint of interstitisl fluid aday
alb tanning beds
thick skin opn out palms, finger tips, and feet
Xerosis conditons chacterized by extreamly dry skin
sodium chloride blue
insensible persperation white
Keratin nipple mound
thin skin tough, insoluble protein
nails least malignant and most common cancer
Vitamin D scalelike mondification of the epidermis
melanocytes maintains body temperature and homeostasis
squam cells that lack hair,but very sensitive

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