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Hip/Thigh/Pelvis Anatomy

Terri Groessl

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Biceps Femors This ligament connects the ilium and the femur
Ball and Socket The posterior portion of the pelvix, connects the pelvis to the body
Internal Rotation Socket of the hip joint where the head of the femur sits
Adductors The buttock muscle
Iliacus Group of bones distal to the sacrum
Anterior Superior Iliac Spine This ligament connects the ischium and the femur
Sacrum The medial hamstring muscle
Greater Trochanter A short, thick muscle in the medial thigh
Psoas Major Rotation away from the center of body
Pubis To move away from the midline of the body
Acetabulum A long, thin muscle on the medial thigh
External Rotation Circular motion of the joint
Extension To move towards the midline of the body
Adduction Rotation towards the center of the body
Gluteus Maximus The longest muscle in the body
Coccyx The anterior portion of the pelvis, the bones where the two haves meet
Abduction Motion that the hamstrings perform in the hip
Tensor Fascia Lata A bump on the lateral proximal femur
Iliofemoral One muscle that makes up the iliopsoas
Femur The muscle that is proximal to the iliotibial band
Iliopsoas One of the medial hamstring muscles
Circumduction Group of three muscles located on the medial thigh
Ischiofemoral The muscles on the anterior hip perform this movement in the hip
Semitendinosis One of the muscles making up the iliopsoas
Gracilis The ligament which connects the pubis and the femur
Sartorius This muscle is a major flexor of the hip
Pubofemoral This muscle does both hip flexion and knee extension
Ischium Bump at the end of ilium crest where muscles attach
Pectineus The part of your pelvis that you sit on
Flexion The longest bone in the body
Rectus Femoris The hip is this type of joint

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