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Circulatory System

Tiara Tyner

No description

lungs 1 job of blood
sinotrial node liquid part(90%)
phagocytosis this blood vessel has more smooth muscle
epithelial tissue the smooth muscle lies here
veins total number of chambers in the heart
arteries antibodies
four pulmonary artery goes here
globins relative tissue of circulatory system
plasma protein endocytosis
smooth muscle albuenmin is an example of this
septum this tissue is on the outside
liver towards heart
blood vessels erythrocytes are made here
venulles seperates left from right
two arteries and veins are...
plasma controls heartbeat(natural pacemaker)
connective tissue total number of sounds your heart makes
protection 1 phase in the systemic pathway
bone marrow white blood cells are here
middle both veins and arteries have this

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