Why use the name ArmoredPenguin

There is no great meaning to the name ArmoredPenguin.com. I needed to register something, and all of the simple domains have long since been registered.

I have been using Linux systems since at least 1993, and Unix systems in general since 1978. It is a very comfortable environment. Linux uses a Penguin named Tux as its mascot.

The other part of the name comes from the machine names within our building. They have been named after various characters and artifacts from the Arthurian legends such as Excaliber, Guinevere, and Mordred relating to the Knights of the Round Table.

(I have no connection with the above site, but that site is a good introduction for the topic.)

Between these two pieces, and the fact that an Armored Penguin brings to mind an interesting picture, I decided that would be an appropriate domain name. Now all I need to do is to come up with an appropriate modification to Tux for a logo.

I have used Linux systems to help provide firewalls to some organizations, and it has worked well for that role. That also led to my choosing the name.

The stylized logo at the top of this page was created by Danning Yao in February of 2012.

This logo looks like it should scale well for different uses. Thank you Danning.

If you have any question about this page, send mail to webmaster@ArmoredPenguin.com