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Nursing Informatics

Jose A. Nazario

Review for 1st Nurse informatics test

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1.Network outside company system for use by customers or suppliers
3.Scheduled downtime
6.Process by which an orgaanization contracts with outside agencies fro services. CUT COSTS & SUPPORT PERSONNEL
8.Separate copy of software that mimics the actual system that will be used
10.Requets for Proposal. Detailed book . Time Frame.
15.Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
17.collection of programs that manage all of the computers activities
19.Gateway designed to protect private network resources from outside hackers
20.Graphical User Interface
21.Uniform Resource Locator
22.Unscheduled downtime
2.See if its works. Software changes are made
4.Set of programs designed to accomplish a particular task such as word processing
5.Process that uses mathematical formulas to code messages when content needs to be secured & confidential
7.Development of comprehensive, long-range plan for guiding the activities & operations of an organization
9.Request for Information. Do you have what I want?
11.information already in old system, important consideration
12.Private company networks that are protected from outside access
13.Unexpected & uncontrolled growth of user expectations as the project progresses
14.patterns & relationships in large group of data
16.Uncontrolled addition of features or functions without regard of time lines or budget.
18.Health Level 7- Org involved in the development of international healthcare standards. Also a language.

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