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Spelling Review

Mrs. Kelly

6th English

1 2 3 4
5               6                      
8     9               10  
11                   12            
14                 15    
      16 17 18    
19     20               21                      
22       23           24
25                 26                     27      
30           31                   32                    
34 35       36       37     38
        39   40            
            41 42
43                   44                    
45                 46                    
47           48 49          
50               51                    
53               54          

5.the past form of panic
6.antonym of satisfied
9.the word formed when -ing is added to refer
11.writing paper and envelopes
12.plural of fox
13.to take apart
14.Most people will not eat a hamburger without these.
19.brave; bold; full of courage
21.from time to time; now and then
25.the only English word that ends in -sede
26.passed out of sight; vanished; faded; ceased to exist
29.vast groupings og stars, gas, and dust
30.an adverb meaning truly or in actual truth or fact
31.to gather together; to collect
32.not eligible
35.a sense of right and wrong
39.the word formed when -ed is added to regret
43.to come upon suddenly or unexpectedly
44.one who reports
45.a person who is trained at or naturally good at sports
46.characterized by waste; having a tendency to waste
48.one of many English words that end in -cede
50.one of three English words that ends in -ceed
51.plural of journey
53.not legal
54.a word often found in salutations of lriendly etters
55.the distance from the top to the bottom of something
56.not one nor the other
57.one of three English words that end in -ceed
58.The newborn baby _______ed seven pounds.
1.the word formed when -ence is added to refer
2.used to produce music (iare similar to organs)
3."Three blind ___! Three blind ___! See how they run."
4.plural of deer
7.not regular
8.not capable of being moved; fixed
10.of or related to grammar
15.fomred when -ous is added to mischief
16.spelled incorrectly
17.the word formed when -ment is added to achieve
18.comparative form of loud
20.to get
22.plural of church
23.capable of being altered, or changed
24.where competitors ride broncos and rope calves
27.to know or identify from past experience or knowledge
28.plural of knife
33.the word formed when -ing is added to begin
34.superaltive form of little
36.place for burying the dead; a graveyard
37.superlative form of close
38.to accept as true or real
40.plural of giraffe
41.one of three English words that end in -ceed
42.superlative form of ugly
45.very old; aged
47.cloth that hides the head, shoulders, and/or the face
49.to write again
51.full of joy; glad
52.odd or strange

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