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SAT Vocabulary Crossword

Sydney Wong

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14                 15                

1.It was really _____ to be charged guilty of a crime as a police officer.
5.The phrase "Have A Nice Day" is so _____ and meaningless that now machines can say it.
6.She was so _____; she wanted more toys after her parents had already bought her so many.
7.The old lady with 20 cats apartment smelled so _____ that I immediately noticed all the fur laying around.
12.The ____ showed up at the protest and insulted the institution.
14.He is always so ____; whenever I call him we talk for hours!
15.After she realized her favorite show was on soon, she finished her homework in an ____ manner.
16.She would never let a ____ cat inside her home because it wasn't domesticated.
17.The _____ man didn't even ask before he took food from the stranger's plate.
18.My mother said that my ____ of greed would go away if I was more generous.
2.She is so _____ that she would make a whole group of friends on the first day of school.
3.He was so ____ that he kept asking personal questions even when she told him to stop.
4.After the long race he was still ____; he went on running for 15 minutes before he got tired.
8.She was so _____; she wanted more toys after her parents had already bought her so many.
9.The house was so ____; there were flowers everywhere, even in the wallpaper.
10.The _____ child was suprised when she was accused of stealing.
11.I had heard my mother's ______ about cleaning my room so many times because I put it off for 3 weeks.
13.He is so ____ that even when he studies a lot he never gets an A.
15.Her ____ card had a nice cover, but inside was the nastiest letter I had ever seen.

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