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1       2 3
  5 6    
7             8     9     10   11            
13                                           14
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      20             21
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  39   40                    
41                 42      
    43                 44   45              
  46   47     48                
      51             52   53    

1.begins with jammer behind the pack and ends when jammer cleared the pack by 20 feet
4.a blocker that is out of bounds, down, or 20 feet outside the pack (3 Words)
7.non pivot blocker starting positions: blockers line up behind Pivots as demarked (3 Words)
10.a jammer that is out of bounds is this (3 Words)
13.not legally earned by a jammer but awarded by error, incorrectly, by ref, official, tech malfunction (4 Words)
15._____ long= jam start - jammer start
16.one long whistle ____ ____ - pack start (2 Words)
19.no whistles for this (2 Words)
22.out of pack is more than this but less than 20 feet from nearest pack skater (2 Words)
23.can be done if skater not aware of opponents position behind her (2 Words)
25.no rules govern ______/_______ positioning (2 Words)
26.exactly thirty of these between pivot line and jammer line
27.one long whistle for this ____ minor penalty (2 Words)
29.blocking without contact, positioning infront of opposing skater to impede her movement. (2 Words)
30.____ long = jam start - pack start
31.if skater jumps and ceases all contact with ground her prior in bounds or out of bounds status is _______ until contact with ground reestablishes inbounds out of bounds status.
32.jammer must fully lap pack and catch up to the back of the pack to begin the (2 Words)
34.when any part of the skater's body or equipment is touching the ground beyond track boundary (3 Words)
40.out of bounds skaters are ___ ____ _____ (3 Words)
41.how many feet is the pivot line exactly ahead of the jammer line
42.minor penalty whistle
43.one long whistle jam start - _____ _____ (2 Words)
45.any movement designed to impede speed or movement or knock opponent down or out of bounds
48.more than 10 feet from nearest pack skater but within 20 feet of nearest pack skater (3 Words)
49.fourth minor penalty (2 Words)
50.it is exactly 30 feet behind the pivot line (2 Words)
51.blocker with extra abilites and responsibilties
52.jam called off by 4 _____ whistles
54.only pivots may line up on this (2 Words)
55.jammers are independent of this definition (2 Words)
1.to move in front of an opposing skater by positioning hips in front of hers
2.they line up on or behind the jammer line (3 Words)
3.a blocker that is positioned more than 20 feet outside the pack (3 Words)
5.jam called off/ended with this number of rapid whistles
6.jam called off/ended whistle (2 Words)
8.aka body blocking, frontal blocking, passive blocking, (2 Words)
9.prior to start of jam all skaters in place with blockers in front of jammers (3 Words)
11.jam start - jammer start whistle (2 Words)
12.jam start - pack start whistle (2 Words)
14.two long =jam start - _____ ______ (2 Words)
17.if a pivot is not on the pivot line, non-pivot blockers ___ ___ _____ to line up behind her (3 Words)
18.pass ends when jammer clears the pack by ____ _____ (2 Words)
20.one long whistle (2 Words)
21.two rapid whistles (2 Words)
24.major penalty and fourth minor penalty get this whistle (2 Words)
28.four rapid whistles (2 Words)
33.they generally line up at the front of the pack
35.out of pack is more than 10 feet but less than this from nearest pack skater (2 Words)
36.these skaters are not in play (3 Words)
37.blockers line up in _____ order behind pivots
38.major penalty called with 1 ____ whistle
39.defined by the largest group of blockers, skating in proximity, contains members of both teams
41.blocker is out of play when position ____ feet outside the pack
43.a straight line across the track at the head of the straitaway (2 Words)
44.the punishment meted out for misconduct
45.they do not have to line up behind pivots if pivots not on the pivot line
46.lead jammer whistle (2 Words)
47.two long whistles ____ _____- jammmer start (2 Words)
49.major penalty whistle (2 Words)
53.jam positioning once pack in motion, skaters may change location as long as they stay within the ___

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