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Mrs. Facey


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1.Light rays travel at a ____ of approximately 300,000 km/s when traveling in a vacuum.
5.The bending of light rays as it passes from one material into another.
7.The band of colors that can be seen when white light is broken up by a prism.
10.A smooth, shiny surface that is able to reflect light.
14.In an incandescent light bulb, most of the electricity used is converted into this form of energy.
15.A ____ object reflects some light rays and also absorbs some light rays. You may be able to see something through this object, but it will not be very clear.
18.An arc of colors that sometimes appears in the sky. The colors that can be seen with a spectrum are the same colors that make up this.
20.A ____ object does not reflect or absorb much light. You can see clearly through this type of object.
21.The color that has the longest wavelength.
22.The color of all of the sun's colors mixed together.
2.A ____ mirror has a flat surface.
3.A ____ mirror causes an object to appear smaller than it actually is.
4.Empty space that contains no matter. Light can travel through this.
6.A ____ light bulb contains a gas that gives off light when it is heated by electricity.
8.The change in direction that occurs when a light ray bounces off of a surface.
9.In an incandescent light bulb, only very little of the electricity used is converted into this form of energy.
11.When these act like prisms in the sky, rainbows may form.
12.The color that has the shortest wavelength.
13.The color of something is determined by the length of its ____ .
16.A ____ mirror causes an object to appear larger than it actually is.
17.A uniquely shaped object that can separate white light into individual colors. This is often referred to as the color spectrum.
19.An ____ object reflects or absorbs all light rays. You can not see through this type of object.

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