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1 2 3 4      
  6   7            
8                 9
    10 11              
13 14   15   16   17
19             20                
        22       23      
  27                             28
29   30                

3.The unit of electrical power
5.A measurement of energy
7.A composition of two or more cells
8.These have a postive charge
11.These have a neutral charge
12.Relationship among electrical force, charges, and distance
18.A thick area of a bulb where electricity can pass through
19.The measurement for electrical resistance
20.These have a negative charge
21.Then end of a light bulb where electricity can pass through
22.This will restrain the flow of charge in a circuit
24.This acts as a storage unit of electricity when charged in a circuit
25.The flowing of charges in one direction
27.Used as a form of safety fuses in a circuit
30.A measure of capacitance
31.Any path along which electrons can flow
32.The flow of electric charge through a circuit
33.Electrically charged particles that repeatedly reverse directions
34.An act that restrains electrical current
1.The product of curren and voltage
2.Unit of electrical charge
4.The unit of measure for electric current
6.Causes breaks in an open loop
9.A good emitter
10.The mutual attractions or repulsions between electrons or protons is attributed
13.The electrical resistance is directly proportional to the voltage per current
14.When the ends of an electrical conductor are a different electric potentials
15.This liquid reduces the human body's resistance to 100 ohms
16.Electrical devices are connected in sucha way that the same voltage acts across each one and any single one completes the circuit independently of all others
17.The measurement for voltage
23.Electrical devices are connected in such a way that the same electric current exists in all of them
26.Thin wire that conducts electricity through a light bulb
28.The flow of charge across the circuit
29.The Greek letter representing resistance

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