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Visual Perception, Week 1

James Kundart, O.D., M.Ed., F.A.A.O.

A crossword for students of Optometry 662 at Pacific University, spring semester, 2007.

1                       2
3   4     5                    
6       7      
    8 9                  
12               13     14      

1.According to Schwartz, this is a requirement for visual perception
4.The reflective membrane, or "carpet of light," on the back of nocturnal creatures' eyes
6.Number of cones per RPE cell at the fovea
9.Aging pigment found in macular degeneration
10.Chromatopsia caused by thiazide diuretics for hypertenstion
12.Light-sensing "third eye," found in the tuatara lizard, and used for dirunal activities
13.The structure in the compound eye that connects the crystalline cone with retinula cells
15.Single-celled organism with red pigmented eyespots next to a flagellum
17.Vitreous blood vessels in a bird's eye, which may function as a heat radiator
1.Where Hubel & Wiesel did their single-unit recording in the brain to win the Nobel Prize
2.Effect responsible for pointing the photoreceptors at the exit pupil of the eye
3.Type of imaging for oncology requiring isotope injection
5.Method besides MRI for diagnosing optic neuritis
7.MRI weighting that makes the vitreous appear black
8.Type of membrane used to protect the eye used my snakes and some birds
11.Cheapest, quickest way to image a fresh, hemorrhagic stroke
14.EEG brainwave of REM sleep and dreaming
16.Outermost functional layer of the retina (first of six)

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