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Electrical Principles Crossword

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3.An open _____ will close at 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
5.If more current flows thru a wire than it's rated for it will become _____ to the touch.
6.Electricity can be changed to heat, light, _____, or magnetism.
7.The _____ side of a transformer has voltage induced to it.
8.A sine wave is a graphic plot of one _____ of AC voltage.
11.The primary _____ of a transformer has voltage applied to it.
12.A circuit can have as many _____ as needed.
13.Run capacitors will come in a metal or _____ plastic container.
16._____ flow in a conductor will create heat.
17.The motor configuration named Capacitor Start Capacitor Run is abbreviated _____ .
19.An ungrounded _____ is a name for a hot wire.
22.Resistance is the _____ to current flow.
25.Sometimes a capacitor is simply called a _____ .
27.In a heat pump the only electrical difference between heating and cooling is the _____ .
32.A circuit needs a power source, a _____ , and a load to work.
34.On an analog ohmmeter every time you change the scale you must _____ the meter.
35.A _____ means
36.Current is measured in _____ .
37.Some run capacitors may have a painted _____ to mark the side that should be connected to the fused line.
39._____ is a name for switch.
40.A line or _____ diagram will show us physical wiring connections.
41.Transformers are rated in _____ .
42.When we replace a relay we need to know the coil voltage and the switch _____ and amp rating.
1.In a heat pump defrost cycle, it will take a combination of temperature and _____ to initiate defrost.
2.A mechanical switch is controlled automatically by outside _____ like temperature or pressure & etc.
4.The main winding in a single phase motor is called the _____ winding.
5.An RVS can be energized in _____ or cooling.
7.The most useful wiring diagram to us is the Ladder _____ .
9.A run cap may be filled with _____ to dissipate heat.
10.The secondary side of a transformer has voltage _____ into it.
14.Used to protect wires.
15.When using an ohmmeter the first step is to kill the power, the _____ step is to isolate the component.
18.Ground wires should be run _____ with no switches or fuses in line.
20.A _____ is a graphic plot of one cycle of AC voltage.
21._____ voltage drops are caused by dirty contacts, loose wires, and frayed wires.
23.The abbreviation for a run capacitor.
24.277v power is mainly used for _____ lights.
26.A Heat _____ will always have an RVS.
28.If voltage output of a transformer is less than the input, it is called a _____ down transformer.
29.We should expect to _____ a reading from 215 volts to 250 volts on what we now call a 240:120VAC 1 phase power source.
30.EMF is measured in _____ .
31.The main job of capacitors is to increase starting _____ .
33.The main enemy of all electrical devices is _____ .
38.A delta transformer will have a conductor called a wild _____ .
40.Ohm's _____ states, E = I x R
43.FLA can be found on the motors _____ plate.

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