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The Scarlet Letter Vocabulary

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3.adj. relating to the sky, heavenly
5.v. to reduce or lower as in rank or reputation
8.n. to reason with a person earnestly objecting to its actions
9.n. small, human in form, playful, having magic powers
12.n. lively and high spirited, vivacious
12.n. sparkling with spirit, spontaneous liveliness
13.n. not perceptive to the touch; too subtle to be easily understood
14.v. to glimmer or shine
16.adj. being hardened emotionally or physically
17.n. anybody who tries to deceive people by tricks, stories, etc.; a swindler
20.adj. to waste away physically, to lose flesh as to become very thin
21.v. to drink or to receive and absorb in the mind
22.n. hate or mistrust of human kind
23.n. extreme dislike or aversion
26.adj. disgraceful, dispicable, humiliating
28.prep. between
29.n. nearness in space, time, or relationship
30.n. an evil reputation brought about by something grossly criminal, shocking, or brutal
31.n. a conversation, especially a formal one or a written dialogue
32.n. a position of great distinction or superiority
1.n. paradise
2.adj. pretending evil or harm, a threatening omen
4.v. change from one form, nature, or substance to another
6.adj. having a harmful effect
7.adj. seemingly incapable of being fatigued
10.n. God, divine direction, the care, guardianship, control of a deity
11.n. an attitude or gesture that expresses difference or homage
15.n. declare sacred or devote to a solemn purpose
18.adv. harmful, likely to cause death
19.adj. not conforming with orthodox standards or beliefs
22.n. the district under jurisdiction of a magistrate
24.adj. the feeling of showing sorrow for one's sins of misdeeds
25.n. a facial expression usually of disgust or disapproval
27.n. a small demon or fiend, a mischevious child

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