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Animal Farm

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1.Female goat who can read.
3.Type of animal that Napolean trained.
6."What goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a ____."
7.Name of the crow.
8.What do the pigs call the government they establish on Animal Farm?
12.Structure that Snowball proposes building
14.Pig who was banished from the farm by Napolean.
16.Mr. Pilkington owns _________ farm.
17.Solicitor for Animal Farm
20."Four legs good, two legs ___"
22.What color is the flag of Animal Farm
25.Original name of the Animal Farm.
26.The medal "Animal Hero, _______ ______" is conferred upon the grave of the sheep who died in the Battle of the Cowshed.
27.Country that the book Animal Farm targeted at the time of its publication.
29.What is "Animal Farm" subtitled?
31.The bank notes that Napolean received from Frederick were ______.
32.Mr. Frederick owns _________ farm.
33.Place that Moses says is where animals go when they die.
34.Battle won by the animals against the humans.
35.Name of event when the animals turned against the owner of the farm.
38.Owner of Pinchfield Farm.
39.Group of animals that leads the others after the Rebellion.
42.A meeting in which the animals celebrate the triumphs and struggles from the farm's past.
43.When Boxer becomes too old to work, Napolean says he sent him to a hospital but he really sells him to a ____ _______.
45.Pig that proposed the idea for a Rebellion.
46."I will work _____."
47.Pig who controls Animal Farm in the end.
1.Name of the poet pig.
2."All animals are equal, but some are _____ equal than others."
4.Pig that delivers messages from Napolean to the animals.
5.The foolish white mare.
9.Snowball represents what political figure?
10.Mare who is like a mother to many of the animals on the farm.
11.Title of the song Old Major teaches the animals about the Rebellion.
13.Original owner of Manor Farm.
15.What country is "Animal Farm" set it?
16.Boxer and Snowball are awarded the medal "Animal Hero, _____ _____" after the Battle of the Cowshed.
18."Napolean is always ____."
19.Battle fought after the first destruction of the windmill.
21.Owner of Foxwood Farm.
23.Author of the book "Animal Farm."
24.Moses the raven represents the ______ __________ _______.
28.Russian dictator that Napolean represents.
30.What do the animals change the name of the farm to after they have taken over?
33.How many original commandments were there?
36.The strongest horse.
37.The songs and slogans used in Animal Farm are known as _______.
40.Old pessimistic donkey.
41.Title by which the animals address each other.
44."What goes upon two legs is an _____."

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