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Cinco de Mayo

Donovan D. Corzo

This puzzle is about the events that happen around Cinco de Mayo. The history and culture regarding that holiday.

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2.____ & salsa
7.Desert state that capital is named after a mythological bird
9.Spanish for happy
11.Type of mexican band
12.Another name for the Capital
14.Spanish for village
15.Spanish for sleepy
16.City where the main battle happened
17.Emperor of Mexico until 1866
20.Spanish for hurry up
21.Spanish for hot (temp)
22.Capital of Mexico
24.Spanish for sick
26.Spanish for closed
30.Mexican cartoon rat
34.Continent where France is located
41.Cinco de Mayo is celbrated by many American regardless of ___ _____
42.Mexican drink made from rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon
43.Type of mexican hat
44.Ethnicity of the Emperor in 1866
45.Spanish for tired
1.Spanish for up
3.Spanish for hot (spicy)
4.State where modern Cinco de mayo festivities were observed in 1863
5.When a country goes to another one by force
6.Spanish for pig
8.Part of California that is still part of Mexico
10.Spanish name for sauce
13.Spanish name for cowboy
16.Ruler of Mexicios title in 1868
18.Mexico ceased making _______ ________ to its main creditors
19.Spanish for "the people"
23."The holiday" , has been celebrated _______ since 1863
25.River that is border between U.S. and Mexico
27.Spanish for rice
28.Celebrations combine, food,____, and dancing
29.State in the U.S. that has roots in our neighbors to the south
31.Spanish for open
32.General Ignacio Zaragoza _______ led the troops
33.Type of holiday (Cinco de Mayo) is in Mexico
35.Spanish name for ranch
36.State where "the Alamo" is located
37.Mytholigical bird where its death is also its rebirth
38.Jack Black movie title "____ Libre
39.Agressor in 1861
40.Spanish for pork

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