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Chapter 11 - The Muslim World

Ms. Katz

This is a crossword puzzle of the identification terms from Chapter 11. Use your textbook, homework, and notes to help you complete this puzzle for up to 5 extra credit points on your chapter test!

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3.great Muslim shrine built in Jerusalem by Muslim architects
6.leader of the Turkish and Mongol invaders who poured into India in 1526, eliminated the Delhi sultanate, and established the Mughal dynasty, which ruled from 1526 to 1857
7.the most respected doctor in Baghdad who, in the early 900s, conducted environmental research using raw meat to determine the healthiest location for a new hospital
9.the greatest monument of the Mughal empire, built by Akbar's grandson, Shah Jahan, when his wife, Mumtaz, died giving birth to her 14th child
10.new religion that arose in northern India; based on the teachings of an Indian holy man, Nanak, who sought to blend Muslim monotheism and Hindu beliefs
11.famous Muslim scholar and astronomer, best known for his collection of four-line poems in which he meditates on fate and the fleeting nature of life
13.known in Europe as Averroes, he was a Muslim philosopher who put all knowledge to the test of reason and whose writings on Aristotle were translated into Latin (thereby influencing Christian thinkers in medieval Europe)
14.this caliph ruled the Muslim empire from 786 to 809 and was seen as a model ruler and a symbol of wealth and splendor in both Europe and the Muslim world
18.Shiites believe the only true successors to Muhammad are descendants of this couple
20.Islamic system of law that regulates moral conduct, family life, business practices, government, etc.
21.set up a dynasty after Ali died and ruled the Islamic world until 750
25.Mongol leader who led his armies into the Middle East in the 1300s; he enslaved tens of thousands of aritsans and forced them to build him a capital at Samarkand
1.ancient shrine in Mecca believed to have been built by the prophet Abraham
2.a marriage of the Persian, Arabic, and Hindu languages, which emerged during the period of Muslim expansion in India
4.one of the earliest Sufis who rejected marriage and devoted her life to prayer
5.wife of Akbar's son, Jahangir, whose shrewd political judgment helped her run Jahangir's government
8.fictional princess who narrated the tales in "The Thousand and One Nights"
12.leader of Muslims discontented under the Umayyads; he captured Damascus and set up a dynasty which lasted until 1258
13.known in Europe as Avicenna, he was a famous Persian physician whose great work, the Canon on Medicine, recorded what the Greeks, Arabs, and he, himself, had learned about the diagnosis and treatment of disease
15.sacred text of Islam that teaches about God and provides a complete guide to life
16.a janissary military engineer who designed hundreds of mosques and palaces in the Ottoman empire under Suleiman
17.the elite force of the Ottoman army; the best soldiers won a prized place at these palace schools
19.the center of the international silk trade which became the capital of the Safavid empire under Abbas the Great
20.Muslim mystic who sought communion with God through meditation, fasting, and other rituals
22.wife of Muhammad, who ran a prosperous caravan business and encouraged Muhammad to accept God's call
23.the greatest Ottoman poet, whose greatest work was a moving poem lamenting Suleiman's death
24.birthplace of Muhammad and the city associated with the fifth pillar of Islam

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