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1 2
3           4          
    5   6          
7 8          
9 10 11                         12
13                   14       15      
      18   19                  
            21 22  
      23 24     25            
  26         27    
    28                       29        
    30 31                  
33         34      
  36                   37
38       39                 40      
  41               42      

3.An older woman's version of diaper brain. 2 words
5.Fluid retention
11.Removing that organ we aren't going to use again.
13.More than just a punctuation mark.
14.We scream when we see the first strand of it on our head. 2 words
19.Who me????
20.Guess this group CAN be trusted after all. We now belong to it. 2 words
25.Egg factories or storehouses
28.Why our mothers made us drink our milk - so we wouldn't get it.
29.What we used to worry about having on our faces.
31.What we all want, but can't afford. Elizabeth Taylor has had many of these.
32.Those little annoying, but useful, plugs.
33.Makes us beautiful or makes us mannequins (depends on your point of view).
34.One kind of pill we don't have to take anymore.
36.An herbal menopause supplement. 2 words
38.An androgen that we have but hubby has more of.
40.No longer just found in Chinese restaurants.
41._____ pants. We used to wear them when we were teenagers. 2 words
42.They are shriveling up and dying.
1.AARP is looking for more. 2 words
2.Where some of us think we went (until HRT that is).
4.Our new best friend (professional). The insurance company may not agree.
5.Why Asian women don't have hot flashes. Or so they say.
6.Where, oh where, did it go?
7.Monthly or bi_____
8.Body organ we want to keep even if we aren't going to use it again.
9.What we are when we lose our minds.
10.What we can take to combat the fluid retention.
12.What we don't want on our faces in old age
15.Abbr. Better living through pharmacology. Our husbands will thank us if we take this.....no it's not viagra.
16.What none of us want to lose. Our husbands say 'amen' to that!
17.Another word for fluid retention
18.A reason to take another shower. 2 words
21.What we need to use everyday now
22.The beverage of choice :)
23._____ swings. And not the jungle gym kind.
24.The feel good hormone
26.We can 'do it' now and not worry about becoming pregnant.
27.What we used before we used the 'plugs'
30.Over the counter mood elevator
35.Own personal heat wave.
37.What we are in menopause. What we wanted to be as teenagers.
39.Women's doctor

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