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Head and Spinal Injuries

EMS Unit 4

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1.Space in the vertebra that the spinal cord runs through.
6.Associated with spinal injury, shows as flushed skin, low blood pressure, and bradycardia.
8.Loss of use and feeling of the lower extremities
9.Cerebrospinal fluid exiting the body through the ears.
10.A slow heart beat
11.Collection of blood under the skin.
14.Loss of bladder and bowel control.
16.Bruising around the mastoid process as the result of a skull fracture
17.Cerebrospinal Fluid exiting the body through the nose.
18.Hematoma in the head that is the result of injuried veins.
2.Not able to remember things that happened prior to the injury
3.Movement technique used when moving a person with a spinal injury who is lying prone.
4.Facture of the skull opposite to the site of impact.
5.Amnesia tha tcauses a person to forget things that happened after an injury
7.Numbness and tingling felt due to a nerve injury
8.The inability to move as a result of a spinal injury.
12.Bruising around the eyes from a skull fracture.
13.Immediate, transient impairment of cerebral function.
15.Hematoma found between the dura mater and the skull.

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