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The Body

Britny Tewell

1 2 3
    4 5            
8           9 10             11    
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18 19                    
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28         29 30        
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  35     36      
    37       38

5.An elastic bag-type organ consisting of three muscle layers
7.These bring the blood back to the heart
8.Organ in which sperm is produced
10.The time in which a female carries a maturing embryo/fetus
12.The highest point of the brain stem
13.Wind pipe
14.Regulates the amount of water in the body
17.The tiniest blood vessels
18.This system is responsible for breaking down food into absorbable nutrients
20.Where food enters
21.Consists of erectile tissue and nerve endings similar to the male penis
22.Blood cells that absorb carbon dioxide from tissues
23.In adulthood there are 206 of these in the body
25.These cells send messages to your brain
27.A collapsible bag near the front of the pelvis
30.The hair in your nostrils
31.Air sacs
33.The middle, thick muscular layer of the heart
34.This type of exam is offered to both males and females
35.The largest artery
37.Made up of the skull, spinal column, rib cage and sternum
39.Oval shaped organ beside the stomach on the left side of the upper abdominal cavity
40.Egg Cell
1.Indigestible parts of food are moved into this intestine
2.Skin and muscular covering of the testes
3.Regulates the blood sugar level
4.Where waste leaves the body
6.Shin bone
9.These are used as a clotting mechanism
11.This system contains the heart, blood vessels, and the blood
15.This system assures the continuation of the human species
16.Where carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen
17.The part of your brain that controls your balance
19.Type of bones that include the vertebrae, carpals, tarsals, and patella
24.Type of join allowing movement in two planes
26.The means in which urine is excreted from the body
28.The voice box
29.Shoulder blade
32.The point where two nerve processes meet
36.Chews the food
38.The largest internal organ

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